Thursday, February 28, 2013

Not Quite Spring OOTD

Welcome to my new blog, I'm not going to prattle on with long introductions we'll get to that stuff later. Lets just jump right in. Spring is coming fast down south, the days are warm and the evenings cold. Today's outfit was put together to combat the cool not quite spring winds.

Mixed shades of olive and army green for a casual vibe.
Distressed med wash blue jeans from Aeropostle Brand (thrifted)

Berry Hued Leather Handbag by Fossil

Olive 3/4 sleeve top from Forever 21 

Black Buckle Impulsee Boot from Steve Madden

Green Army Jacket (US Air Force) Thrifted from Goodwill
What was your favorite item/s in this OOTD?
Thank you for reading and welcome again, hope you'll come back and check out all that I have planned. 
Plz feel free to post any questions, requests or comments.



  1. I really like the laid back look of this outfit. I think the things that really make it extra special for me are the Air Force jacket and the necklace ( which is a gold tooth right). That necklace just hangs in the right spot and adds a little bit of flash. I also like the jeans rolled up to the top of the boot.

  2. love the boots and jacket! simple & practical.

    feel free to check out & follow please:)

    1. Thanks alot,The link isnt working but im going to do a search for you:)

  3. Ci piace il tuo stile!
    che ne dici di seguirci a vicenda?
    Un abbraccione!

  4. Nice! I really like the army green jacket..great combo