Sunday, March 17, 2013

All those little things called Me

As promised im finally going to introduce myself , Hi :) I'm Gwen, online I go by Ilectra. I'm happily married living in the south and Ive never seen myself as very "Style" savvy but its something I enjoy whether or not i'm very good at it. So that has lead me to this style blogging journey where I hope to capture and share my style and in doing so I hope to evolve myself into a somewhat more savvy gal and maybe just maybe give others some inspiration along the way.

In prepping for this post I already learned some things about myself I had not realized before, I grew up in the 90's sooooooo. 
 My Style Icons were Tori Amos, Shirley Manson and Jessie from Full House, They were the first to influence my style, I recall as a young teen going Thrifting and buying bold hued silk button down shirts cause I wanted to look like "Uncle Jessie" so badly.
I was also in awe of the style of Kurt Cobain , Kelly Bundy and Elvira. I sported big crosses, ripped jeans, over sized shirts and lots of black. When I look back at the six styles above I realized that although I have gone thru many style phases over the years that I still see these six as my style icons. Combined the six make up the perfect picture of what I love in fashion and attitude. 
Thru the years jeans and a tee have been a fashion staple for me because I find a comfortable woman to be sexier and more confidant. But that said it can get a lil boring so gotta mix it up from time to time.

 I'm a huge fan of the Black Milk Clothing Label, I own an extensive collection of their Leggings and Bodysuits with wild, fun and bold prints, so they have become a new staple for me.
 I also have a down right fetish for shoes and boots (the more fun and wild the better), Jeffrey Campbell, Unif and Steve Madden being some of my faves.

Lastly DIY should possibly be my middle name, I love very little more then designing and creating my own clothing and accessories. In the above outfit I made the shirt (how to video up on My Youtube ) and I created the boots.

I hope this has given you a better idea of what you can expect from me and my posts. Thank you for reading and plz come back for more. Please comment and tell me If you had to pick just one person who influenced your style who would you choose??

I can also be found on Tumblr ,Polyvore ,Instagram and Youtube.

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