Saturday, April 20, 2013

Joy Without Division

 Purple waxed denim from Pac Sun

 Ive always loved this print made classic by Joy Division.
 Eye necklace and Skull Bracelet from Earthbound Trading co.
 In love would be an understatement on how I feel about these Irregular Choice shoes, so unique and insanely comfortable. I got stopped over and over in these shoes with compliments.  

 Shirt and belt both thrifted from Goodwill
Here's an outfit i'll let speak for itself, what I can say is that this one makes me feel happy, the soft fabric, the colorful print and some of my most loved accessories.
Its getting hot out so it might be time to pack the jeans and show some leg. Im on the hunt for more good, fun spring/summer open toed shoes.. If you have any faves Id love to hear about them in the comments.
Thanks for reading, hope to see you again soon

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